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To become a leader in precision optical coatings. Producing Front Surface Mirror coatings, Anti-Reflection, Beam splitter, hot & cold mirrors, dichroic filters that meet and exceed the standards of the optical thin film industry.

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Unlike the majority of thin film companies, at Spectrum Coatings we utilize our technology to accommodate a wide variety of uses for the unique properties of optical coatings. Our "State of the Art" Ion Assisted Deposition process allows us to produce hard, durable oxide optical thin films,or "coatings", without high temperature substrate heating. Perfectly suited for the harsh environment that is indicative of telescope mirrors. We offer many types of coatings including protected aluminum and enhanced aluminum.

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"Old School" Thinking and Opinions Concerning Enhanced Aluminum (EAL) Coatings. *** A MUST READ.

Since the design and development of the Low Voltage - High Current Ion source, (one of which, the "Troth Style", designed and developed by Spectrum Coatings), the myths and concerns over the properties of Enhanced (EAL and MaxR) coatings are outdated and are non-issues in this day of producing hard, dense, high index oxide optical coatings.

If EAL (and MaxR) coatings are design and produced properly, the final layer composite exhibits NONE of the negative issues purported by the EAL opposing crowd. These issues were valid concerns in years past, before the technology progressed to the point where it is today. Many optical coating companies are still using evaporation techniques that have been around for well over 50 years, not having the knowledge, or the funds to come up to the standards of the year 2010.

Spectrum Coatings has produced hundreds of mirrors ranging in size from 6" to 24" with no adverse effects, concerns or complaints from any of the customers that have purchased, and put into use, these enhanced coatings. The Spectrum Coatings proprietary coating design of the EAL and MaxR coatings has proven to be a superior coating that is durable and long lasting, producing a high contrast image that has satisfied even the toughest critics.

These issues need to be addressed, not by a “knowledgeable” optician, or person or company that reads a book or paper, and performs a “copy & paste” into to an internet blog or web-page. After years of development, and actually producing hundreds (if not thousands) of fine quality mirrors, Spectrum Coatings has the authentic experience and know-how when it comes to producing EAL coatings.

Just another note from Paul Zacharias – owner, Spectrum Coatings



Just a word or two from Paul:

Over the past several years I have heard a lot of talk from people who say they have insight, a knowledge of optical thin films. People who have never evaporated one angstrom (Å) of material. There is so much misinformation out there. I'm not going to join the forums, and the arguments. I will answer questions here on my site, but, I could never sound as qualified as these verbose "experts" - I'm just going to keep producing quality products and standing by them. I have been designing optical coatings, building optical coating systems and cutting layers since I was an employee at Lockheed Martin (1981), and many companies since then - over 29 years ago. Its been over 13 years now catering to the fine folks of astronomy. I have never left the thin film business since I became involved, I truly enjoy my work and the people I serve. You can trust me with your optics. You can rest assured that I produce and deliver the coating designs that I call out here on my web site. I scan and produce a coating curve for every coating run made. The bottom line is - layer rate, index of refraction and thickness control - the bottom line is - honesty, character and integrity - treating customers with a listening ear and the respect they deserve. Are you receiving what you pay for? Just in case you may have some doubts, open my resume for my optical thin films qualifications.

Paul Zacharias
Owner - Spectrum Coatings


Now receive a free highly reflective center mark with every mirror re-coat! Center Mark will be sent back with your mirror (not installed). Just mention this ad when sending in your mirror in your written correspondence.
Let Spectrum Coatings install (apply) the center mark to any mirror for a fee of $10.


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Receive a free reflective center mark, or have Spectrum install one for $10.
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