Shipping Instructions


The current turn around time for coating your mirror is at least 30 days. (call for current turn around times).

Send a check with the mirror for the cost of the coating plus the cost of return shipping. (whatever it costs you to ship your mirror to me, call for rates if you know the weight of the package).

Use UPS Ground - insured.

If possible, purchase and make the shipping container like described and pictured below. The container can be used again in the future and can also be useful in storing your mirror.

Please write the size of your mirror, (with a magic marker), on the top - outside of your box.

Please place a check or money made out to Spectrum Coatings and any other correspondence in an envelope in the top of the box where the box is to be opened, readily accessible. We will not ship any coated mirror until we have received payment.

Include return shipping address, what you would like the mirror insured for, phone number, etc.

No P.O. Box addresses. UPS does not ship to P.O. Box numbers.


Remove mirrors from their mounts, also remove any inks, paint, adhesives or silicone chalk from any mirror.

Purchase some of that blue or green foam (1 1/2" or 2") from Home Depot and cut squares the size of the inside of the box. Lay the mirror down - centered - on one of the squares and trace around the perimeter - cut out the circle out making for a nice fit. Try to leave about two inches on all sides from the edge of the mirror to the wall of the box. You can use a steak knife to cut the foam. Place one of squares in the bottom of the box - the other (that has the mirror hole) on top of it. Place the mirror in the hole. Place the last square on top of the mirror and seal the box. Use more foam squares to fill up the extra space in the box if needed. When the container is shaken, the mirror should not bounce around, it should be secure, snug and tight. Try to use a box that is not much thicker then the three pieces of cut foam. (if the foam is not 1 1/2" to 2" thick then use more foam squares for added mirror protection). Please see the instructions and illustrations below.


Packing Instructions


The following packing method is by far the best way to pack and ship your mirror. If packed like what is described below, the mirror is very unlikely to be damaged in shipping. The foam used below can be purchase at your local Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. It is usually available in 4' x 8' sheets. The cost is minimal when compared to a mirror that becomes damaged due to poor packing.

In Figure 1. below, cut the foam, using an ordinary steak knife, the same size as the inside of the box that will be used. Cut 3ea. foam pieces. (or as many as it takes to completely fill any empty space in the box). Place the mirror on one of the foam pieces and trace around the perimeter with a pencil.


Using the knife - cut out the circle.

Figure 1


Place one of the squares into the bottom of the box (Figure 2).

Figure 2


Place the foam piece with the mirror hole on top of the foam in the bottom of the box (Figure 3).

Figure 3


Place the mirror into the cut out circle. If you cut the circle in the proper manner, the mirror should fit very tight, with no chance of moving at all (Figure 4).

Figure 4


Place the last piece of foam on top of the rest and seal the box with a quality sealing tape, tape that is strong. Seal along the main seam as well as the sides. (Figure 5).

Figure 5