The leader in precision optical mirror coatings for telescopes and astronomy. Producing Front Surface Mirror coatings, Anti-Reflection, Beam splitter, hot & cold mirrors, dichroic filters that meet and exceed the standards of the optical thin film industry.

Ion Assisted Deposition




Spectrum Coatings utilizes their technology to accommodate a wide variety of uses for the unique properties of optical coatings, specializing in front surface mirror coatings for telescopes and astronomy. Our State of the Art, Ion Assisted Deposition process allows us to produce hard, durable oxide optical thin films without high-temperature substrate heating. These ultra-hard coatings are perfectly suited for the harsh environment that is indicative of telescope mirrors. We offer many types of coatings including protected aluminum and enhanced aluminum.

Coating Designs


Optical Thin Film Coatings - designed using FilmStar & Mcleod Concise thin film design software.

Ion Assisted Deposition


Our Telescope Mirror Coating process utilizes the latest methods in Optical Coating technology, perfectly suited for the often harsh environment of the Telescope Mirror industry. State of the art Ion Assisted Deposition - IAD - enhances the quality of the deposited material in the ways listed in the below link.

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