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Spectrum Coatings Mirror Re-Work Handling Policy


1. No refunds - none.

2. If a mirror is damaged while here at Spectrum Coatings, Spectrum Coatings is NOT liable and will not be held responsible for ANY damage. No refund will be issued. Please note this before sending your mirror.

Please Read before sending your mirror.

Reworking precision mirrors is not an exact science and is very unpredictable. Spectrum Coatings is not responsible for any damage that could be introduced to the mirror surface by any materials (ie. adhesion layers, metallic or otherwise) that may be present on the mirror surface at the time the stripping off of the old coating is performed. There is no way of knowing what may be on the surface of a mirror. Metallic adhesion layers such as Chrome or Ni-Chrome can be removed by Spectrum Coatings requiring an extra step in the coating removal process. Therefore ---------- Spectrum Coatings is NOT responsible for any surface damage that may occur during the process and will issue NO REFUNDS if damage does occur.


Sometimes coating companies use adhesion layers (Spectrum Coatings uses NO adhesion layers) that may not be completely removed or that may somehow react to the removal solution causing surface anomalies and, in extreme cases, damage. Adhesion layers that cause this problem are usually non-metallic, oxide or fluoride layers, that are only softened, but not completely removed, leaving behind a streaky, hazy feature that can only be removed by mechanical polishing, or, in the case of MgF2 can actually create hydrofluoric acid which actually etches glass.


Spectrum Coatings uses no mechanical means to remove this left over residue. This situation is rare (a vast majority of mirrors strip with no problem). I write this not to alarm you folks, but to protect myself against any unforeseen instances that may occur. Quote: "if it can happen, one day it most likely will happen." Because the possibility is so small, for all practical purposes it does not exist. No need to be alarmed, this is simply a case where I must protect myself and the quality that is indicative of my service.

Spectrum Coatings has a No Refund policy. If the mirror is in anyway damaged by the stripping process --- Spectrum Coatings is not responsible. Most coating companies require their customers to print and sign a disclaimer, a waiver of responsibility concerning the above statements. As of now, until it is deemed necessary, Spectrum Coatings has not instituted this policy.

Please Note: Remove Primary mirrors from any mounts. A $35 disassembly fee will be charged if the mirror is sent mounted to the housing. Please do not send the entire telescope. The scope will be returned at the owner's expense.

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